Q. Why does my car judder when I brake?

A. ‘Brake judder’ as it is commonly known, is caused by disc thickness variation (DTV) due to uneven wearing of the friction surfaces of the disc and/or pad. 

 A common misconception is that this due to discs being ‘warped’ when they come out of the factory. In fact, there are many possible causes of DTV (in order of likelihood):

  • Fitting error – the mating surfaces of the disc & wheel hub were not properly cleaned prior to fitting and the disc is not running true. A run-out test during/after installation would have highlighted this.
  • Driver error – The proper ‘bedding in’ process has not been adhered to, and the discs have been subjected to overheating.
  • Debris- has become lodged between, and has damaged the friction surfaces of the pad & disc.
  • Worn or broken suspension components- can dramatically affect your vehicles stability and cause uneven braking.

Q. Why are my pads squealing when I brake?

A. The ‘bedding in’ procedure has not been adhered to and the brake pads have overheated due to excessive braking. This causes a chemical change in the surface of the friction material, causing it to harden and ‘glaze’ over. 

‘Squealing’ may also indicate a faulty caliper, we recommend getting your braking system checked by a professional as soon as possible.

Q. Why have my discs have gone rusty?

A. Rusting is a natural result of damp weather and does not affect the braking surface.

Q. How do I fit the brake parts that I have purchased?

A. We strongly suggest that you enlist the help of an experienced individual or seek advice from a professional garage. Due to the strict tolerances of braking systems, poorly fitted brakes can cause lots of problems, which can be expensive to fix or replace!

Q. Do my pads come with wear indicators?

A. All Brembo pads are manufactured to the same specifications as your vehicles manufacturer. If you are unsure, please contact our team and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Q. Can I upgrade my discs & pads?

A. All our Brembo discs & pads are designed to work with the standard braking setup of your vehicle. However, there may be the option of upgrading your discs to Brembo’s new drilled ‘Xtra’ range. Please contact us for more details.

Q. Why have my discs changed colour?

A. Colour change usually indicates a structural change in the metal of the disc due to overheating. This can be caused by heavy braking during the bedding in period or excessive heavy braking from high speed.

This could also indicate a faulty caliper (i.e. the pad being in constant partial contact with the disc), we recommend you have your braking system checked as soon as possible.