The performance solution to your braking needs

Brembo Brakes pads provide maximum Braking safety and minimised stopping distances whatever the weather. Brembo Pads guarantee maximum braking comfort.

Brembo Pads are manufactured using state of art engineering and are continually bench and road tested to incredibly high standards.
Brembo Brake pads are the perfect partner to your Brembo Brake discs, why compromise fit the best!

Experience in Exceptional Reliability

Brembo's experience in Braking is unsurpassed and Brembo Pads offer superior Braking as used on so many OE manufacturers.

Brembo Pads give unbeatable performance, reliability and durability, with product quality being original, or equivalent to the original parts fitted to your vehicle.

Brembo Pads are manufactured using state of art engineering and are continually bench and road tested to incredibly high standards.


An upgrade in reach of every car

Designed and tested for predominantly performance-oriented street use, Brembo Sport brake pads represent the first upgrade level for any braking system.

These products have been created for drivers with sporty ambitions and, more generally, for anyone who wants to maximise the potential of their car.
These pads boast levels of manufacturing quality and advanced materials that only Brembo can offer.

They offer outstanding performance even without warming up and at low speeds, thanks to a specific friction material that ensures constant friction at all temperature ranges.

In addition to enhanced performance, this material also ensures outstanding quietness and reduced disc and pad wear.


Brembo Continuity

Unlike many manufacturers, Brembo only use their own factories for the production of their Brembo braking products. It's part of the Brembo vision for your car that every detail is subject to their technical expertise and not subcontracted to 3rd party factories in the Far East.

When you choose Brembo brakes, you can be sure you are getting a genuine quality product that has been subjected to the most rigorous quality control process.


Original Equipment Supplier

Brembo aftermarket parts are certified as original equipment or equivalent, in conformity with both ECE-R90 legislation, and EC 1400/2002 standard. 

This means that components can be fitted as replacements for OE parts even during the vehicle warranty period, without invalidating the terms and conditions of warranty.

Excellent performance. Full Stop.

Excellent performance in all situations. Brembo Brake pads also offer exceptional brake pedal precision, for total control of the braking force.

While they work best at temperatures between 200 and 300 , they can withstand much higher temperatures - up to 600 - and are designed to deliver both superlative performance and satisfactory levels of comfort.

These are therefore the ideal brake pads for drivers who demand the best from their brakes, even during everyday use, and are even more effective if used in conjunction with the appropriate Brembo discs.